What are Progressive Web Apps?

11 Aug 2020

It is not uncommon for people to use their mobile phones to go on the web rather than a desktop computer. It is convenient, quick, easy to access and can be used wherever you are, perfect if you need to look up something quickly. The trouble is, not all websites are designed to be used on a mobile, therefore when accessed on a mobile they can differ a little from how they are meant to look. For example, they can have pictures or text in the wrong place, have buttons that are hard to press because they are so small or will not fit the screen size properly.

That is why many people turn to apps instead of just a website. Many companies have their own app, so even if their website doesn’t work well on a mobile, then they have the app that can be used instead. However, the problem with this is that apps can take a long time to find and download, and there are often many steps involved to download it. If you need to search for some information quickly on a company and you don’t already have the app downloaded on your phone, this can be a major problem.

There are several reasons why people prefer apps rather than websites. One of these being that mobile apps are just more convenient, easy to use and can even work when your phone is not connected to the internet or does not have any signal.

It is these facts that have drawn developers to create something that solves these problems, and that is where progressive web apps come in. Progressive Web Apps act much like an app, having the same layout and usability, yet they can be accessed using a search engine or URL, and need not be downloaded to be used, taking the steps out of the process. The work for all users, no matter what browser or device they are using, is already opening the market of potential users. They are also always up to date thanks to the service worker update process and are safe to use thanks to technology making it almost impossible to be tampered with. Users can keep their favourite apps onto their home screen without the bother of using the app store and they can be shared with others as they don’t need any complex installation process to use it.

They are a combination of both apps and websites, as they work well no matter what your internet connectivity is. They automatically refresh when there is an update and can send you push notifications. Progressive web apps can be accessed exactly like a website would be, and as quickly and easily. Some people would describe a progressive web application as the future, and it is looking likely that soon everyone will be using PWA’s as part of their everyday lifestyle. Only time will tell how successful they will be.

To learn more about Progressive Web Apps, their benefits to users and the businesses that use them (but also some of the current downsides), be sure to check out the new infographic from

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