Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality : A Few Exciting Possibilities

10 Sep 2020

The next big technological leap that is going to impact businesses and consumers alike is virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Revenue for these technologies is expected to jump from $52 billion to $150 billion by 2020. This will correspond with lowering price points for consumer VR and AR products.

But what exactly are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

From basic 360 degree videos on Facebook to full-blown VR gaming headsets, virtual reality is the virtual world that technology is allowing the public to enter. Augmented reality is not meant to completely engulf the user, rather alter (augment) the existing world. Applying filters in real-time on Snapchat is a simple app-based example of this.

VR and AR are going to change the business world, both internally and for the end consumer. Here are 10 exciting uses of the technology that are already being used or developed:

Try Before You Buy

From uploading an image of your face to try on eyeglasses and makeup to 360-degree virtual fitting rooms – VR and AR are allowing customers to experience products before they buy them.

Augmented Gaming Becomes Marketing

There was a time that gamers were considered lazy shut-ins, but with the release of Pokémon Go millions of people took to the streets to catch and battle their pocket monsters in an augmented reality. The game is overlaid on a real life map, requiring players to go to local landmarks where items and Pokémon are virtually located. The same concept has now been applied to a range of marketing methods, such as requiring app users to go to a certain location to find coupon codes.

Travel and Tourism

The ability to showcase hotels, resorts and other locations virtually (virtual tours) is revolutionizing the travel and tourism industries. Furthermore, apps with GPS are using AR to help users with directions, to find desirable locations and translate foreign language signs!


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow firms to train people in safe, efficient and cost-effective virtual environments. Guidelines and instructions can be delivered via augmented video, dangerous tasks can be practised virtually with no danger at all, savings are made by cutting down on physical components, and trainees might not even have to leave their home.

Meetings and Conferencing

Whether you want a meeting at the office or the Eiffel tower, video conferencing is taken to the next level with virtual reality and augmented video, where data and ideas can be displayed and manipulated.

Customer Support

The virtual space allows consumers to get hands-on-support in the form of tutorials.

Remote Events

From music concerts to trade shows, those who cannot make it in person will get a much more immersive experience than just watching basic videos of the events.


VR and AR allow for the design of a product that fits pre-set requirements and its testing, without even having to manufacture it. 3D CAD models can be quickly transformed into interactive walk-throughs and presentations with programs like Autodesk Showcase.

Immersive Learning

Not only will this new technology allow for remote classroom based learning, those in the classroom will be able to experience elements of their curriculum virtually – virtual field trips for example.

Interactive Marketing

Hold your mobile device up to that billboard to learn more about the product or service.

To learn more about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and all the breakthroughs that will benefit the business world – check out the full infographic from

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