Leadership vs Management

25 Jul 2022

Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline,
carrying it out. —Stephen Covey
Do Leadership and Management mean the same?
No, leadership and management differ from each other.
How do Leadership and Management differ from each other?
Let’s take a deep dive into it.
1. Vision set by the leaders and managers follow it
Leaders set the vision. They have a clear vision of where their organization should
reach in the future and managers help them to achieve their vision.
Managers ensure that the employees are aligned with the company’s goals and values.
2. Leaders think about ideas while managers think about execution
Leaders search for opportunities for improvement on the organizational level and bring
new ideas. On the other hand, managerial culture places importance on rationality and
control. They ensure that employees working at different levels operate efficiently, and
productively towards organizational goals.
Leaders focus on what should be done and managers focus on how things get done.
3. Leaders focus more on the future when compared to managers
Leaders focus on the future while managers focus on the present.
Managers try to achieve organizational goals by implementing procedures and
processes around budgeting, organizational structuring, and staffing. But leaders tend
to think ahead and capitalize on future opportunities.
4. Leaders shape culture while managers endorse it
Leaders uphold the company values through their accurate information, actions, and
decisions. A passionate and inspiring leader will be able to communicate the
organizational culture throughout the company and influence employees’ behavior.

When a leader is able to influence the employee’s behavior, the manager should
provide the required support and endorse the culture within the team. Constant
guidance must be provided by the manager to the team members.

5. When leaders inspire people, managers will drive their success
Leaders inspire people while managers play an important role in driving their continuous
success and creating a positive work experience throughout the career journey of the

Even though Leadership and management vary, there are some areas where both of
them overlap.

In which areas do leadership and management overlap?
1. Communication
Both leadership and management communication is important. Leaders inspire and
communicate the vision and goals of the organization while managers communicate to
the employees the ways to achieve them.
2. Problem-solving and decision making
Managers and leaders share the responsibility of effective decision-making and
problem-solving. Decision-making on a company level is done by leaders while
managers take decisions at the departmental level.
3. Changes and crisis
Leaders and managers should work hand in hand during crises or changes in an
organization. Leaders have a better idea of what changes are best for the organization
and managers have a better understanding of how to convince the employees to accept
the change and act accordingly.

Leadership is guiding the people towards a common goal while management is
dealing with or controlling things and people.
Is it easy to be a Great Leader?
No, it’s not that easy.
Some say that some people are born to be great leaders while some others opine that
leaders are made. But the truth is that there is no manual or guide that could provide all
the strategies to be a great leader.
Having great soft skills is important for a leader and there are also many other skills that
a great leader should have.
Not just a leader, a manager should also possess certain skills as effective leadership
and management are prerequisites for the smooth functioning of an organization.
Let’s dive into the top skills of management and leadership.

What are the top management skills?
1. Interpersonal skills
2. Communication
3. Motivation
4. Mentoring
5. Delegation
6. Forward planning
7. Strategic thinking
8. Problem-solving
What are the top leadership skills?
1. Communication
2. Motivation
3. Delegation
4. Positivity
5. Responsibility

6. Feedback
7. Flexibility
8. Trustworthiness

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