How can you manage your time as a manager?

12 Sep 2022

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.”

Yes, it’s true as time lost cannot be recalled.

In a world of abundance, time is a limited resource & it needs to be used wisely.

What is Time Management?

The ability to use time productively and efficiently is known as Time Management.
Time management has got many advantages and let’s discuss some of them.

Benefits of Time Management

1. Less Stress

Efficient time management can reduce stress and increase confidence. Moreover, it helps to achieve goals and prioritize activities that influence the output the most.

2. Better work-life balance

Time management helps to create a better work-life balance. When you have a better work-life balance, you can be more productive at work and will have a better time to spend on your personal matters as well.

3. Higher levels of productivity

When time is managed efficiently, it helps to achieve higher levels of productivity. Efficient time management can also help to build and maintain a professional reputation.

4. Lesser distractions

Efficient time management can prevent distraction and boost concentration. Efficient managers set aside chunks of time to work on their most important work. Moreover, they also set boundaries around their time to increase focus.

5. Increase in energy

Another benefit of time management is greater energy and motivation which leads to better focus on important matters. Efficient managers schedule their time and take regular breaks to retain energy levels.

6. Time to think

Efficient time management helps to strategize and focus on the achievement of goals. It can help you to find adequate time for strategic and creative planning.

7. Lesser procrastination

Poor time management can lead to procrastination. But when you manage your time efficiently, it would help you to ensure that you don’t procrastinate and manage your workload.

How can you manage your time as a manager?

Here are some tips for efficient time management.

1. Protect your time

The first tip is to protect your time. Do not let others create events on your calendar.

2. Design your calendar

The second tip is to design your calendar proactively.

How can it be done?

● When you design your calendar, you need to identify and understand where your time is going.
● Write the activities on a paper to get a better understanding.
● At the beginning of the week, write down your top 3 priorities and ensure that these priorities are achieved.

3. Spend time on high-leverage activities

The third tip is to spend your time on high-leverage activities.
The team’s output can be maximized by spending time on activities that influence the output most.

A color coding system can be used to identify the activities wherein the time has been spent.

4. Schedule recreation

The fourth tip is to proactively schedule recreation. Small joys in life could be left out of the calendars to make way for other people’s priorities. So it’s important to give space to such joyful activities in the calendar otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

5. Conduct an energy audit

The fifth tip is to conduct energy audits. If you feel burned out at work, you need to conduct it.

What’s an energy audit?

Looking through the calendar and mapping out the meetings that provide energy and take energy from you. Then eliminate the latter category by hiring, delegating, and redistributing work.

6. Respect other’s time

The last and foremost tip is to respect others’ time as well. You need to be on time for the meetings scheduled in advance. If not possible, you must inform the members about it.

When you don’t inform them, each minute that they are away from their work is a minute of productivity that you have stolen from them. So try to be on time and be prepared for the subject matter that will be discussed.

These tips could be helpful for efficient time management.

Wrap up

Time Management is one of the most rewarding skills that can take you far both in your personal and professional life. So time should be used wisely.

To take hold of every minute in your life, you need to know what is efficient time management and how to manage time. I hope this blog could help you gain a broader understanding of efficient time management.


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