Factors that Affect Software Development

30 May 2021

Software development has been a life-saver for companies and the general public for quite a while now. The global spending on software development in 2021 alone is 517 billion US dollars. Also, a whopping 935.2 billion US dollars is the forecasted mobile app revenue worldwide- needless to say, mobile app development is here to stay for a long while. 

When companies and businesses emerge to build a software, they understand the value it brings and how it can easily automate their tasks and reduce the effort needed.

One point missing here is they lack the skill to play the game and how it works, the fund required and set the expectations to fulfill the vision. They are confused sometimes with ROI and objectives they define. The knack of software development is gained over a long period of time.However, with thorough research and market analysis , new players in the software development market can master software development in a matter of some time dedicated to the same.

In order to achieve successful software development, businesses need to think and analyze the solution a couple of stages ahead. Critical assessment of  work timelines, when they will be able to complete the project to get a focus on the overall budget etc. are important factors to be weighed in.

Key factors that influence the cost of Software development services are:

  1. Complexity 
  2. Functionality
  3. Third Party Integrations
  4. Additional Costs

Each of these factors are explained in detail below:


  • Complexity


The main important thing which the client should understand is what is the expected outcome from the project. 

  • What kind of software are they planning to build?
  • Do they have well defined requirements in place?
  • Any gaps, uncertainties and unknowns which need to be closed

If the client is not sure on the scope and the cost, it is better to put some effort into analyzing the scope and budget before entering the development phase. 

Also if there is a new technology or design proposed for development it is very important for the team to understand and learn so that complexity of the project can be measured. In addition to this if the software requires a high security element in its design then it will need extra development effort and cost to incur.


  • Functionality


If the application is having more features and functionalities then the cost will be on the higher side. To work on more complex projects we need to involve more members to the team thus investing more hours into the project. 

Every function of software, especially complex workflows should be completed by the developer and verified. Some specific features require extra effort for development and also testing is a main part. Developers should ensure that the software is working as expected and in alignment with the requirements.

Sometimes building a complex app would require senior developers into the project. So their hourly rates will be much higher than junior developers. This will increase the cost because the more complex the project is it would require more effort and time.

As a client you should know the complexity and consider all these factors before building the desired piece of software. So you can get a hold of the grip on the work and resources allocated to the project.


  • Third Party Integrations


Third party integration is also one of the major factors that will affect the cost of the software development process. If the client requires integration with multiple third party applications, like CRM or payment solutions and HR tools then it will require additional effort thus increasing the cost of the project.

Some third party integrations can be simple. But others require effort and the dev team needs to spend some time to analyze, investigate and verify the results.


  • Additional Costs


When a development is started there will be additional costs like:

  • Writing an extra service in completing a functionality that isn’t related to the dev team hourly rate
  • Changes or new requirements based on feedback from Business
  • DB structure change and design
  • License cost when we use specific software
  • Maintenance fees like security updates, small fixes and support
  • Data migration which requires restructuring and refactoring the data.

Outsourcing Software Development to Webdura

At Webdura, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. Our team understands that clients prioritize cost predictability, and time management. Based on this understanding, we usually follow 2 type of contract models in software development: 

  1. TnM- Time and Material
  2. Fixed cost 

If clients and businesses are not sure which one to choose, our team will guide them through the process and help them  understand which is the best path they can choose for software development. Our expert professionals shall explain the benefits of both the models and provide recommendations so that clients can make a wise and optimal software development decision. If you wish to do software development in a transparent, quality-centric and highly professional manner, you can contact Webdura, rest assured that you will get value for your money.


After the pandemic, the software industry is anticipated to have a rapid growth. Many companies belt-tightened during the economic downturn resulting in smaller budgets allocated for software solutions- this has led to market contraction in the year 2020. Contradictorily, the pandemic has also proved how handy digital mediums can be! Software development is  the motor of digital transformation and the experts ensure that the software industry will play an ever-greater role in the coming years, far more than what is projected for the year 2021.

When you consider the market segment, application software (designed for end users to perform specific functions) occupy most of the software sphere.Industry-wise SaaS takes the forefront and is expected to reach 138.3 billion US dollars in 2022.

As digitalization deepens through such mediums, Webdura is largely allocating our budgets in the field of application development and subscription-based model like SaaS in the forthcoming years. If you are looking for the best software development companies around you, you are looking in the right page!


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Webdura Technologies

Webdura Technologies

Webdura technologies is a full spectrum technology company in India with over 10 years of experience in developing technological solutions using ​JavaScript (ES6+), React JS, React Native, Redux, Rematch, Vue JS, Graph QL, Apollo, Meteor JS, Node JS, Gatsby JS, PHP, Wordpress, MySQL, Mongo DB and other latest tools. Webdura technologies have joined hands with many international and national giants to put forth cutting edge applications in this past decade.



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