Can Node JS be the Ideal Solution for Your Projects?

11 Mar 2021

You are starting a project and you have reached our blog because you searched for Node JS. We presume that you want to know whether or not Node JS can be applied for your project?! With a downright majority of applications deploying JavaScript environments, we can give you plentiful reasons why you should go for Node JS implementation in your organization.

What is Node JS? 

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform programming language. It runs on the V8 JavaScript, which makes the crux of Google Chrome outside of the browser. This particular feature adds on to its swift buildability and creating scalable network applications that set the parameters of its core performance areas.

Node JS works on event ridden asynchronous input-output models- this makes it suitable for developing data-intensive applications that can be run across a multitude of devices in real time. It can support multiple connections without the requirement of a large memory track.

At Webdura, we merge Node JS with other application development frameworks and no projects are run single-handedly on Node JS.

What are the uses of Node JS?

It might be surprising when we say that NodeJS is not merely restricted to building website applications, but can also be used for the implementation of various services like:

  • Frontends
  • Backends and servers
  • API development
  • Automation and scripting 

Node JS Architecture

In the IT industry, you will come across various server languages and frameworks like Java, Spring, Ruby, Rails, Python and Flask. But Node JS stands apart in two contexts:

  1. Developers can use same language for web application development as well as supporting services asz it has the feature of standalone JavaScript
  2. It performs excellently as IO intensive tasks like HTTP requests and file system objects interaction 

In both the above contexts, Node JS can run JavaScript outside the browser. In standalone JavaScript is done in a swift and scalable manner. Node JS can execute JavaScript code outside the browser using an open source JavaScript engine and further exploring the performance capabilities of Node JS in quickly handling large amounts of IO tasks using event loops.

How Node JS is Applied for Webdura Projects?

Webdura incorporated Meteor, a Node JS based framework for all our projects namely Wuyers, Curl IQ, Trova and M-App. The customizing capability of Meteor in Node JS is what led to the very execution of these projects in the Node JS setting. Have a look at how Node JS is helping our projects take a smooth runway…


  • Node JS in Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Webdura has an AI project called Curl IQ. Curl IQ has its target audience ranging from individuals to fashion industries. It has an AI interface wherein the users can try different hairstyles.

The comparatively smaller memory footprints and quick start time of Node JS has been advantageous for Curl IQ. Its AI model processes the images and data are sent to remote servers. We could also dodge data privacy issues by running the model locally on the client which inturn elevated the interactive levels of the application.


  • Node JS in Social Media:



Trova is an online gig platform with the properties of a social media platform. It is a Meteor-centric web-based application. Wbedura could build scalable and customizable segments for news feeds and activity logs in the Trova app. Node JS’s asynchronous nature has largely enhanced the performance of Trova. We could see that the app could gain considerable gain in speed alongside lower memory usage.


  • Node JS in Food Delivery Application


Wuyers and Eatitin are iOS/Android food delivery applications developed by Webdura. The backend application of Wuyers and Eatitin is built on Node JS. Our team starts with installing the Node JS framework and a stack overflow thread that will get us going with the Node JS platform for Wuyers and Eatitin in no time.


With the help of Node JS, we could add many features to the Wuyers app. Searching facilities, information tracking, delivery information management, ordered food description, monitoring customer information and transaction, resource management of food item data, payment records integration etc.


  • Node JS in Marketing Applications


Webdura developed a customised web-based marketing application called M-App for our clients. It is a single platform in which the source leads and various communication channels (chats, PPC, calls, WhatsApp etc.) are integrated for better transparency and quick business decision making pertaining to the marketing parameters of our clients.




  • Node JS in Learning app


Lyringo is a language learning app that has a video streaming platform. Videos were displayed with subtitles along with the meanings. These subtitles will be in the language the user prefers to learn. Node JS was used for the project for sending the video content to the frontend in chunks. And yes, we had a good product in hand!


What are Node JS Frameworks?

Application development requires a specific framework for supporting specific use cases in the development process. In Node JS there are 3 major frameworks namely:

  • FeatherJS: This framework supported creating real time applications and REST APIs using JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • KoaJS: AS framework for web applications and APIs that helps in cutting callbacks and improve error handling
  • HapiJS: Helps in making server-side more powerful for Node JS applications
  • Representational State Transfer (REST) API: This framework offers different architectural styles for network applications that helps in building applications faster.

What are the Benefits of Node JS?

  • Scalability remains intact no matter how many extensions are made to single nodes, thereby enhancing the performance
  • Easy learning for beginners and Node JS facilitates the introduction of it in the backend that will require only less time consumption
  • Full stack JavaScript can be used on both the client and server side applications. So there is no need for hiring frontend and backend developers
  • Strong community base who work continuously on developing and improving the functionalities
  • Strong support team who can extend their support for commonly used tools and techniques
  • Caching single modules is possible with Node JS. When there is request for module, it will be cached in the application memory
  • Single threaded working
  • Extensibility benefits based on the requirements thereby making customization possible


Node JS is beneficial to developers in the fact that it can be deployed for both frontend and backend servers.Webdura has been logically applying Node JS for assorted projects and we are happy with the results obtained. Node JS has pitfalls and sweet spots like any other programming language, but how well you make use of the sweet spots to accomplish your project deliverables determines the success factor of deploying Node JS in your organization.


Thanks For Reading!

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Webdura Technologies

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