7 Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business to India

13 Oct 2020

Outsourcing refers to availing the service of a third-party service provider to handle certain business functions such as software development, customer service, back-office activities and much more. Nowadays a majority of businesses be it big or small have started relying on outsourcing. India has emerged as one of the top preferred destinations for business outsourcing owing to various favourable factors. With the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario the outsourcing trend has become even more popular with companies based in the USA and EU. A large number of foreign companies have found it beneficial to outsource processes to India as it helped them cut down the labour costs and gain significant business growth.

Whether you wish to find a cost-effective strategy or simply take your business to the next level, you might as well consider outsourcing your work. So what are the major benefits of outsourcing business to India? Let us discuss in detail.


  • Reduced labour costs


Money is the major reason why firms choose to outsource their work to third parties. The labour charges for employees in India are lesser as compared to many other countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. For example, if an IT professional is paid around $50-100 hourly wage in the USA, in India it will only be half the amount or even less. Moreover, outsourcing gives you flexibility in staffing where you only have to pay as and when you avail the service. This is a great option when your firm has a peak work season or when any seasonal work comes up. So instead of hiring in-house professionals, you can easily delegate your work to a reputed Indian agency and save a huge sum of money. Outsourcing helps to reduce the capital expenditure, employee training costs, infrastructure costs and other overhead expenses to a great extent.


  • Shift your focus back to core business


It is always the best idea to outsource everything that is outside your core business process. This will let you save money, time and efforts. Outsourcing your regular backend tasks will allow your firm to shift the focus to your core business activities. For instance, if you are a marketing firm, then you can save more time to do more of what is most relevant to grow your business instead of spending time for other supporting activities. When there are too many tasks pending to be done such as looking up the finances, administration, customer service or human resources, you tend to skip many of your core activities. Also, back-office activities will create extra expenses in the form of infrastructure facilities, staffing, stationery and more. This is where outsourcing comes to play. So if you want to get a mobile or web application designed to promote your business, then consider outsourcing it to a reliable software development company in India at a very affordable cost.


  • Gain access to new skilled resources


India is globally renowned for having a talent pool consisting of highly skilled professionals. With a large number of well-educated and experienced workforce, even the top global organizations are now choosing to outsource their work to India. Hiring and training new resources requires a lot of time and effort from the company’s part. Outsourcing lets you skip this entire process as you can gain access to talented professionals to take care of your varied business operations. With a few initial formalities and paperwork, you can start assigning your work to a third-party service provider from any part of the world. Employees in India are also well-versed in the English language and are familiar with the offshore work culture. Most of the time, you may find it taxing to find the right resources with specialized knowledge. However, outsourcing agencies in India will have a big pool of talented employees with good industry knowledge and expertise in various chosen domains.


  • Uninterrupted Service with Good Connectivity


Outsourcing firms in India are capable of delivering uninterrupted services due to the presence of high-speed internet facilities available throughout the nation. With the launch of Reliance Jio national 4G plans, the internet has become more accessible and affordable to every Indian. Jio network has attracted over 400 million subscribers within a few years as the charges are very cheap and pocket-friendly. By offering free voice calls and affordable 4G services, Jio has created a revolution in the Indian telecom industry. Indian firms also ensure faster delivery of projects by offering round the clock services. Most of the professionals working in India focus on completing the projects before the agreed deadlines. Owing to their high level of commitment towards work, they will be ready to stretch for longer hours to ensure timely completion of deliverables.


  • Tailor-made services based on needs


Another key benefit of outsourcing is that you can get services tailored to your specific needs as when the need arises. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to delegate a single function or the activities of an entire department to another firm. For example, if you have a new idea and want to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) such as a mobile or web app within a limited budget, it is best to outsource it to a third-party firm. This will allow you to work on multiple projects simultaneously and contribute to business growth. A minimum viable product is a basic version of a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development. Depending upon your business needs, you can even find a freelancer to work for you at a minimum budget. All these will help you to reduce the operations costs by a great extent.


  • Round the Clock Productivity


Companies in the USA and other Western countries can take advantage of the time zone differences by outsourcing to Indian firms. This means that during your non-working hours, Indian employees can work remotely and support your activities without causing any delays. This will ensure that your business services are available 24/7 without any interruptions. Round the clock service also results in higher productivity as compared to working in-house with a team for 8 or 9 hours. Consistency in product quality and timely delivery are the top best attributes of Indian outsourcing firms. Owing to all these aspects, India has emerged as one of the leading global outsourcing destinations for software product development.


  • Excellent IT Infrastructure and Latest Technology

Being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India has numerous high-tech business parks and technology centers housing hundreds of outsourcing firms. Most of the outsourcing firms in India are located in these tech parks and will have state-of-the-art IT infrastructure facilities to support their operations. If you are planning to outsource software development or web development functions to an Indian firm, you can expect great product quality and on-time delivery. Indian professionals are keen on updating their knowledge with the latest technologies and thus they are more skilled than people from other outsourcing destinations. So if you are outsourcing your work, you don’t have to worry about training your employees with newer technologies and work techniques.

By considering the above-mentioned benefits, you must have realized how outsourcing can be of help for your business. Being one of the trusted and reliable outsourcing firms in India offering web and mobile app development solutions to clients from across the globe, we can assist you to streamline your business and boost revenue. Feel free to post an enquiry to get started.



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